Exercise 1 – Bulge 0

CHF member Claire Richardson updates us on her progress with Personal Trainer Caroline and tells us all about her new found fondness for exercise…

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PT sessions with Caroline are well under way with another 8 to be booked.  Who’d have thought that I’d actually enjoy it?  It’s always struck me as something only those people with complete confidence in themselves with little or no concerns about how they look would do. You can’t hide at the back when it’s just you and the trainer!  You can’t keep your head down and hope you don’t get noticed.

So why do it then?  Because……

Before picture and measurements

Bicep – 39.5cm
Chest – 115cm
Hips – 127cm
Waist – 104cm
Thigh – 67cm

All my preconceived ideas of personal training have been well and truly shattered.  It’s not about someone shouting in your face telling you you’re not good enough or screaming at you to “drop and give me 20.”  Don’t get me wrong , I still get anxious before a session and question if I can do it as I know that I will be worked hard, and I certainly feel it at the end of the session!! However, instead of screaming at me or trying to make me feel like a failure, Caroline has helped me through it with nothing but support and encouragement.  I get 100% of her time during the session; we have a laugh, which certainly helps, and the cheesy music that’s played at the weekend’s means that the sessions have become a fun part of my week.

That’s not to say it hasn’t been tough or that I’ve found it easy getting off the sofa and getting myself down to the gym.  Every time I’ve thought I can’t do it, I’m not strong enough, I’ve not got it in me or I’m  too tired, with the right amount of pushing from Caroline I’ve managed to find the strength, or should that be sheer stubbornness, to dig a little deeper and push through and it’s starting to pay off.

Current pictures and measurements

Bicep – 36.5cm
Chest – 113cm
Hips – 123cm
Waist – 103.5cm
Thigh – 66cm

A Recent visit to the doctors has seen my blood pressure results come back normal, as was my Cholesterol, and with a 1% chance of being at risk of a heart attack I’m no longer on the tablets.  I’m delighted by this as I hate having to take pills!  My waist size has reduced and my BMI has gone down at least 6 points moving me into a new “category”.

Claire Richardson, Club CHF Member

“Since first meeting Claire I have watched her confidence grow and grow and she has achieved so much in the time she has been coming to the gym. Her determination and desire to achieve her goals is really very admirable. It has been a real pleasure to work with her and I look forward to helping her continue on her journey.”
Caroline Riddall, Personal Trainer, Caversham Health & Fitness

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