Cold Weather Skin: We’ve got the answer!

With the weather changing, our skin is changing, although we still need to be protecting it from harmful weather conditions.

As the summer fades, concerns about slathering our skin with protective lotion may fade with it… but as the weather cools its remains important to keep caring for our skin.

Remember to:

  • Keep your skin well moisturised (your skin will thank you!)
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands from drying out in the biting cold
  • Wear sunscreen.  The sun might not be hot, but it can still burn, so slap on the lotion – particularly if you’re hitting the ski-slopes this winter.

A good serum and primer for our make up to sit on is always good – and don’t forget an active skin conditioner to keep your skin feeling less tight and dry.

For the ultimate winter skin, I have my hands on the new Collin Paris collagen gel, its amazing! Penetrating through 5 layers of the dermis (That’s the equivalent to a collagen injection and works just the same) to really make you look fresh-faced!

Making appearances in Prima magazine and Vogue already, this is the sacred gel every one is trying to get their hands on. Guess who sells it….. Club CHF!

Ring us to reserve yours ASAP – they are selling like lightning.

Amy, Therapy Manager